Reflection on choosing Digital literacies Pathway

In choosing a pathway in digital literacies I chose the theory path. In this pathway I was supposed read articles from “Mozilla Internet Health Report”. There were multiple articles that were very interesting. I couldn’t decide which articles to choose to write about as I read more than three articles.However, I have chose to write […]

Thinking the Unthinkable (OCD) Game – final draft The comments that we got me and my partner Mayar about the game were generally good. Most who played it said that it was hard to play as the hyper links in the options were not always towards the next scenario. Also, another comment was that we did not have the links of the […]

Thinking of the Unthinkable game (OCD) Who suffers from OCD describe their illness as living hell trapped in their own mind. They struggle from the moment they wake up till they sleep at night. They think so much in each and every act they do. Content is the same but the problem is the meaning that you are attached to […]

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