Theory Path: Mozilla’s Internet Health Report

The first reading I read is “Your mobile apps are tracking you”. This article it is talking about how most of the apps we use everyday on our phone have utilities from companies that gives them the chance to track us and send out data about the users.In research it was not stated what data specifically that is sen to companies, but we should anyways worry about our data that is being sent. It is very scary how easily this could be done. On web trackers can log information and see what we are searching for, what we even click at or type. The idea here is that on the mobile there are ways to turn off the advertisement and identifiers that track us through apps. However, people do not know that they can do that and have control because they do not know that tracking actually happens through apes in first place. The axe talking about google, what control the apps are actually in the play store and they also get benefits from data that are generated from these apps. There could be solutions for this where protection tools can be built into our phones but they are not. People need to be aware and recognise that there are privacy risks and that our data is been sent and seen from things that we use in outlives and depend on it with everything. A phrase that was said at the end of the article was”Knowing is half the battle”. I f we became aware of the risks we can work on finding solutions and asking for protection and a guaranteed safety of our privacy.

The second article is “understanding the issue”. This article talks about the privacy of the internet. It is talking about how our information is too exposed and the reason is the dominant business model. The reason because as a firm they would need information about the customers to know what to offer them. An example is on Anghami for example when t offers music that I might like to listen to.Facebook was in a trial because he gave a data of million users to have an effect on the elections and know data about people for political purposes. It was discussed that a a solution would be that we should support the websites that keep our privacy and respect it like firefox for example. In addition, we should require companies do much more efforts in dealing with these privacy issues and guarantee a safe environment. Responscibilty of a healthy internet environment is not only our responsibility other companies should reassure our privacy. A good thing is that Europe’s general data protection regulation and digital right organisations are doing their best to make sure our privacy is given. People lately became more aware about the issue and are now asking for more privacy regulations, some people see it as the same as a bank would treat your money the companies should treat your data as well. 

The last article I read was “23 reasons not to reveal your DNA”. The title grabbed my attention and I really wanted to know why shouldn’t I and I have never even thought about it before. This article states that it is important to know your DNA for personal health but revealing it could be dangerous. The first reason why not to reveal it is that some of the outputs that are given about health and our nutrition have been stated to be wrong form scientists. Tests of heritage is not precise if you do not have european roots as you wont know where your ancestors lived. One of the resins I liked was that DNA does not say anything about our culture or who we are. It does not say about the history or experiences that actually shaped who you are. A scary reason is that DNA cannot be made anonymous as you can never remove your name or location. Also, once the genetic code is revealed to public and online we can never know how companies can do with this kind of information or even why could they need it. As everything can be hacked now, Genes can be hacked as well. Many and many much ore security reasons of why it is dangerous to reveal this kind of information.The good thing is if people after reading this are still not convinced there is a way to at least make sure there are privacy policies. The U.S. federal trade commission offers to advice which company to trust. It advices to choose the account options carefully, understand they there are risks, if there are any concern it is important to be reported to authorities to help.

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