Reflection on choosing Digital literacies Pathway

In choosing a pathway in digital literacies I chose the theory path. In this pathway I was supposed read articles from “Mozilla Internet Health Report”. There were multiple articles that were very interesting. I couldn’t decide which articles to choose to write about as I read more than three articles.However, I have chose to write about articles under the heading “Is it safe”. The reason why I chose these kinds of topics is because we have discussed this a lot in class but I was furious to actually know more and read more about this topic. I was actually shocked as I read things that I have never thought about before. I had to read the reasons why not to reveal our DNA as I never knew this could even be dangerous. Reading this article made me feel how scary technology is and how serious this issue is becoming. Also, I liked reading understanding the issue because it explains it very clearly, the most thing that I actually liked and was beneficial was to know that there are solutions and that people started to be aware about this problem and ask for their rights of privacy. Lat but not least, the article apps are tracking you, there was not a lot of information I did not know as I already heard about that more but was I was thining about through reading it is how beneficial it is to people who do not know about this issue. I felt hat it is a great awarnes that clearly informs people how privacy are taken without people knowing. The most thing I liked about this article, is that it is stating how important for us to be aware as once we are aware then we are halfway through the battle of this and we can then start asking for our rights and looking for solutions. Overall, I really enjoyed reading those articles and I think I am going to save this website to visit every now and then to read more about different topics as I really found it interesting. The most thing I liked about this website is that it is very informative and brief at that same time. Usually long articles make us lose track or get board and end up not reading the rest of the article. However, the articles in this website are brief, straight to the point.

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  1. Hey Jassica, glad you enjoyed them. But you didn’t link to the specific articles you read.
    Internet Health Report is released every year by the way! So if you keep coming back to it, you will keep finding new content.


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