Soliya Reflection

The Soliya connect program is basically an online curriculum, and a cross cultural program that has online discussions with people all around the world. It was not the first time for me to try something like this. This semester as we used an app like this to connect with students in AUP and have discussions as well. I usually get worried from online calls because I am usually uncomfortable and usually there are many technical issues. The idea of talking to people from different cultures and listen to different opinions and interests was an interesting thing for me and that was a good thing. My experience with Soliya did not go that well overall but the idea itself has positives and negatives. 

The positive thing about Soliya is that it is a way to connect a big group together and have discussions and share and listen to points that were said with different opinions.From the the questions I was able to hear was having discussions about what we think about dialogues and another time the discussion was about social media. Other than that, most of the time there were technical problems I couldn’t join and it used to get stuck all the time it was very frustrating to be honest. I really did not like it and I tried many times but it still did not work and it was very hard to listen to what they are saying so most of the time I had to leave. I had to submit the survey multiple times before I start and it was not reloading. The app we used for the other class was called “Zoom” and it was very good. We were able to all join and listen to each other clearly and at the end of each call the video was saved and sent to us so we can listen to the discussion again and if anyone missed it was able to open it and watch the discussions that went in the call. Also, in Soliya it was very uncomfortable for me to join a group call with a full group that I don’t know,  I believe that if two from one class were put together in a group would be much better and would help us not get shy and be able to feel more confident to talk and share ideas. I am not sure if these technical issues just happened with me because of the internet or it was a general thing but for me I did not really like the experience.

Overall, I believe that the idea of soliya is really good and giving us the chance to join discussions with different people from all around is a very beneficial thing. I believe that it is an amazing experience for who it worked with them to listen to different point of views about different topics and see how people look at general topics and even personal experiences in different perspectives. I like the idea a lot and hope that I can have a better experience with Soliya and be able to connect properly and hear the discussions and also be able to join and share my opinions confidently. I beleive that overall to have a good constructive communication either online or face to face is first of all it is made sure that the points that the discussion is about is understandable, that people accept listening to different opinions and gives a chance for others to talk and say what they think even if it is different and know how to respect others regardless of how they look, where they are from, their color, ethnicity and opinions.

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