Thinking the Unthinkable (OCD) Game – final draft

The comments that we got me and my partner Mayar about the game were generally good. Most who played it said that it was hard to play as the hyper links in the options were not always towards the next scenario. Also, another comment was that we did not have the links of the images we used and some images in the background made the slides a bit hard to read. We added a “next” hyperlinked to the the next slide to make it playable and clear. We also added the links of the images we used and tried to lessen the transparency of the background to make the words readable. One comment we got was that more choices would make the game more helpful we tried to add some where we think could lead to more than one choice.

I believe that if we had more time we would worked on making the slides look more appealing and add more pictures. We would try to look for alternative formats other than google slides to try to make the game much more fun to play. 

It has been very frustrating for me a as student majoring in psychology to find people misunderstand what a serious mental illness it is. It is very hard to see people think a severe mental disorder like OCD is just the fact that a person loves to organize things and put them in order. We sat down and listened to many real life stories of people who have OCD and the struggles they go through everyday. We chose to do that to be able to imagine ourselves in their situations and make people who play this game get the chance to be in their shoes. By doing that I learned a lot about how hard it is to live with this mental disorder and how important it is for us to understand what these people go through to be able to support and know how to act around people with this disorder. 

At the very beginning I was worried about this assignment and felt that this is going to very hard. I never knew that making a game would be this fun, I really enjoyed creating this game and learned a lot. This was the first time for me to use google slides in anything other than presentations which was very interesting for me to try to be creative by using different tools and make a game using just slides.

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